What Is Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR)?

The Gross Axle Weight Rating is maximum total weight to be carried by a single axle. This weight rating must never be exceeded.

How Much Will My Trailer Carry?

Carrying capacity is calculated by taking the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and subtracting the trailers empty weight (tare). The remaining balance is the legal payload. * EXAMPLE: 10,000 lbs. (GVWR) -minus 2,200 lbs. (Empty Weight) = 7,800 lbs. Payload

Can Derkson Trailer Build Me A Custom Trailer?

Derkson Trailer has the most diverse line of trailers available in the industry, as well as, custom manufacturing capabilities. Derkson Trailer is a production based manufacturer, with unlimited ability to custom build any trailer to your specifications. You may contact our...
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Does Derkson Trailers Have A Service / Repair Department?

Derkson Trailers is your one-stop shop for trailer parts, service, repairs and accessories. We have qualified, certified mechanics and welders to repair any of your trailer needs. Whether you are looking to do the work yourself and need all the parts, or you want it done by the...
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Does Derkson Trailers Have The Parts To Repair My Trailer Myself?

Yes! Parts can be ordered online from our Parts Superstore and delivered to your door within days. Or you can come to the factory to pick them up yourself. Your Choice!

What Type Of Hydraulic Fluid Should I Use?

The recommended Hydraulic Fluid is AW 32, or equivalent. It is most commonly used with mobile equipment operating in environmentally-sensitive sites year-round.

What Are The Differences/Benefits Between Leaf Springs And Torsion Type Axles?

Majority of trailers have leaf-spring axles. However, torsion axles have been increasingly used due to their superiority in longevity, stability, and safety. Leaf springs provide cushion in a trailers suspension by attaching to axles with U-bolts. On torsion axle trailers, the...
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What Are The Differences And Benefits Between Electric And Surge Brakes?

Electric brakes are the most commonly used brake package with trailers, unless it is a boat trailer or watercraft hauling trailer, which mainly come with surge brakes because electric brakes can short out if the trailer is backed into the water. Electric brakes allow you to control them...
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Will My Vehicle Be Able To Pull The Trailer I Want?

Each tow vehicle has a different tow capacity. You should always check your tow vehicle's owners manually to find the specifications for towing a trailer.

Does Derkson Trailers Install Brake Controllers?

Yes! Derkson Trailers has qualified, certified mechanics to do your install, Or, if you may decide to do-it-yourself, a brake controller and other parts can be purchased online from our Factory Parts Superstore, or you can come in and pick up your parts yourself.

Do I Need Brakes On A Trailer?

It depends on the weight of the trailer, what you are hauling, and your provincial rules and regulations. Please refer to the Ministry of Transportation website. In Saskatchewan, “a Trailer having a gross weight of 1,360 kilograms (3,000 Ibs) or more shall be equipped with...
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How Do I Maintain Wheel Bearings?

All of our trailers come with EZ Lube axle spindles. All you have to do is remove the rubber plug on the wheel bearing dust cap and by using a standard grease gun, simply pump fresh grease into the bearings. This should be done a couple times a year depending on the amount of use.

Does Derkson Trailers Offer In-House Financing?

In-house financing is available on a select group of trailers and subject to approved credit. Contact one of our sales associates for more details.

When Do I Require An Annual Safety Inspection (Aka Yellow Safety Sticker)?

You require an annual safety inspection if both your truck and trailer meet the following: The truck's actual weight, registered gross weight or gross vehicle weight rating exceeds 4,500 kilograms (9,920 lbs), or The actual weight of the truck, when added to the actual weight of the...
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