Labour Warranty

Labour Warranty

Labour Warranty Policy Updated April 2019

Revision of Labor Warranty Policy Effective April 2019, and super exceeds any and all previous Updates or Warranties. Due to Continued Changes in Policies periodic updates are Required for maintaining industry standards and changes in the Market place.

Please Be advised that Each Manufacture we represent carries their own Material or Product Warranty. You can find our Manufacture Warranty statements to be available on our website, under Resources.

Derkson Fencing will Warranty Labour Services of all installed Products for a Period of one Year.

Guidelines of Labor Warranty:

Labour warranty is simply in place to cover defects or errors made by the installer while installing the fence. Please note that we follow all Industry standards and adhere to each Manufacture procedure for installation of their products.

Derkson Fencing is not responsible for any issues as a result of acts of Mother Nature, such as and not limited to: Ground Shift, Ground Settling, Extreme winds, Frost, Heaving, Movement due to Trees, Heavy Traffic, Client altering of product after install, damages related to weather, lightning, hail, Snow load, Post Movement due to ground or wind force.

Derkson Fencing is not in any way able to predict how the Earth will move or shift at your property over time, this is therefore completely out of our control, and is why all manufactures recommend a regular maintenance program of your fence to ensure its sustainability. Concrete anchors and other such anchors letting go or loosening over time are not covered under the Labor Warranty.


Derkson Fencing gates are built above the industry standard however gates will move and shift and will need adjustments over time. This is not covered under a labor warranty as the reasons for gate shift can be due to ground shift and acts of mother nature. Derkson Fencing Recommends that clients upgrade to a Gate Post Kit which adds strength and stability and helps reduce the potential for sag and sway of gates.

Special Install Requests:

Derkson Fencing strives to meet each homeowner’s request when installing the new fence. In situations where it is the client’s wish to have the fence is installed on the ground (in order to contain small pets) – clients must be aware that there is potential for the ground to push against the fence and cause potential issues. Int his circumstance, any issues arising would not be considered an install defect and would warrant a service call appointment and all applicable fees.

Service Request appointments can be made by calling the office 306-525-2585 or sending an email to A Service call fee and per hour labour rate and production fee will be charged for all service request appointments. Any required materials or tool rental will be added to final invoice. Payment must be received up front, before your service date will be assigned.

We Accept E Transfer, Credit Card Payment, or Cash. We No Longer will accept any type of Cheques.