SimTek Fence Systems Ecostone is now Bufftech® Allegheny™ & SimTek Ashland is now Bufftech® Sherwood™: Same Great Fence New Name, This Fence systems is a Molded desgin fence created fence using a rotational molding process that makes for stunning beauty and incredible durability.




Patented Construction – Made with proprietary Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) blend and is reinforced with galvanized steel in every post and every panel.ALLEGHENY (ECOSTONE) Comes in 6 Stunning Rock Colours 

Superior Wind Rating Withstands constant hurricane force winds up to 110 mph and 130 mph gusts. Certified to meet Miami-Dade county wind loads. SHERWOOD, Comes in 4 Stunning colours a shadow-box wood fence style called Ashland. 


Excellent Sound Barrier – Blocks 98% of direct sound with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 26.

Durable in Any Temperature – Very stable in temperature extremes. Withstands tests at -40° to 140° F.

Fade Resistant – Contains UV12 inhibitors for a lifetime of vibrant colors. Xeon-Arc chamber tested in an accelerated environment with minimal to no fade.

Graffiti Resistant – Easily remove graffiti using a high-powered pressure washer. Solid Privacy and Security – SimTek provides exceptional privacy and security for you and your family. Luckily, CertainTeed’s SimTek fence solutions were constructed with situations such as this in mind, and the panels – which are made from low-density polyethylene – can easily be washed to remove most graffiti spray paint. With just two employees, a 3200 PSI hot water pressure washer and a can of spray-on graffiti solvent, A Fence Company in the USA was able to remove the graffiti tag in three hours, returning the surface of the fence back to its original state and saving both time and money for all involved. We are sharing this from another Dealer to show the claims are True it can be removed, making Simtek a must have.



Eco-Friendly – We care about the sustainability of our environment and you should too. Both Ecostone and Ecostone Plus use recycled content in their construction.

Maintenance Free – Never needs painting or staining; nor will it warp, fade or crack. Due to the unique design and material making Simtek one if the strongest fences in the market. What material is SimTek Fence made of? SimTek products are molded of sunlight stabilized polyethylene. All reinforcing steel is galvanized. Polyethylene provides exceptional durability, longevity and resilience. Gasoline and other corrosives are routinely stored in polyethylene containers. SimTek fences are resistant to organic processes, ultraviolet light, almost all chemicals and other common conditions that break down other walls and products. In short, polyethylene is tough, it lasts.

Superior Warranty* – EcoStone Fencing System boasts one of the best warranties in the industry – a 25 year warranty. The EcoStone Plus Fencing System includes a lifetime warranty. All warranty information can be found on the SimTek Fence website, including the warranty registration link.

Panels come in 4ft x 6ft, 8FT & 12FT, All panels contain high-grade galvanized steel in both top and bottom rails
Panel heights cannot be modified; however, panels can be cut to any custom width, Our panels have been engineered to allow stacking to create 8ft and 12ft high walls


NEED PARTS?We got you covered, we can ship parts to you factory direct anywhere in Canada or the USA, just reach out and we will get your parts on the way, today.