Terms & Conditions

Binding Terms and Conditions
  1. Our estimate is valid for 15 days.  Expected delivery is based upon crew availability at time of quote and is subject to change. Up to 50% non-refundable deposit or approved finance is required to book installation.  
  2. Grading of the fence line must be done by the customer, prior to installation, otherwise the fence will follow natural contour of the ground.  Fence line must be cleared and free of debris prior to installation.  Should a bobcat or equipment be required for the installation, a minimum 6' (1.8m) clearance along the fence line for bobcat access is required.  
  3. The customer must mark the fence installation area including the end, corner and gate posts prior to installation.  Derkson Contracting Ltd. will request that the public utilities be located and marked.  However, Derkson Contracting Ltd. assumes no responsibility for sprinkler lines, water lines or any other unmarked buried lines, secondary lines or other external lines installed buy home builders or objects.  The customer will assume all liability for any damage caused by directing Derkson Contracting Ltd. to dig in the known vicinity of known utilities or underground lines.  Derkson Contracting Ltd. shall advise the customer as to local zoning regulations but responsibility for complying with said regulations and obtaining any required permits shall rest with the customer.  Derkson Contracting Ltd. will assist the customer, upon request, in determining where the fence is to be erected, but under no circumstance doesDerkson Contracting Ltd. assume any responsibility concerning property lines or in any way guarantee their accuracy.  If property pins cannot be located, it is recommended that the customer have the property surveyed. 
  4. Tailings from post holes and/or earth removed for proper fence installation are left on site and are the customer’s responsibility for disposal. Clean up and disposal of tailings is available for an additional charge.
  5. Derkson Contracting Ltd. agrees to guarantee above fence to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 year.  Acts of mother nature causing issues with the fence or gate– such as ground heaving causing post movement, wind damage – are not covered by warranty.
  6. Downtime for installation crew caused by customer responsibilities not being met and/or contract changes will result in additional charge of $50/ man hour
  7. Installation price based on frost free ground conditions, unless noted otherwise.
  8. All standard fence installation under normal soil conditions being topsoil, clay, sand and base gravel.  Additional charges will apply for pit run, concrete, soil cement, rock, sandstone, shale and bedrock.
  9. Upon fence completion, any additions/deletions from quoted quantities will be adjusted accordingly.  The final billing will be based on the actual fencing built and the work performed.  Partial billing for materials delivered to the job site and work completed may be sent at weekly intervals.  Adjustments for material used on this job and adjustments for labour will be charged or credited at the currently established rates.  Additional charges for any extra work not covered in this contract that was requested by the customer will also be added.  The full amount of this contract including GST and PST along with any additional charges will become payable upon completion of all work whether or not it has been invoiced.

A finance charge of 1.5% per month (or a minimum of $1.00), which is an annual percentage rate of 18%, shall be applied to accounts that are not paid within 10 days after completion of any work invoiced.  All materials will remain the property of Derkson Contracting Ltd. until all invoices pertaining to this job are paid in full.  At the company’s discretion, the company may repossess the product, in the event that the invoice is not paid in full, within a reasonable time, with no refund being offered and still proceed to collect the debt  The customer agrees to pay all interest and any costs incurred in the collection of this debt.
Purchaser agrees to indemnify Derkson Contracting Ltd. against any claim arising from damage caused to buried underground services of any kind unless the purchaser has marked/staked and informed Derkson Contracting Ltd. of the location prior to installation. Signature below indicates purchaser’s agreement to the terms and conditions as outlined above.