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Permanent or temporary security Ideal for remote, limited access or difficult to excavate sites, Easily and quickly installed & Completely re-useable and can be enlarged with additional panels

Derkson Fence Has a Dedicated manufacture of professionally built Modular Portable Fence Panels in various styles, heights and specifications. As the name suggest, this enclosure system is based on modular, pre-manufactured, fence panels that are portable, free standing and re-usable. Panels are simply clamped together and are self supporting by way of; support bases, offset panels or pounding rod assemblies.


They are an extremely versatile alternative to permanently installed fence. Site assembly is fast and easy with the ability to reconfigure the enclosure. Short term, light duty, applications include special events, construction sites, garden centers, animal enclosures etc. Long term, medium & heavy duty, applications include well heads, tanks, valves, meter stations, compressor stations, transformers, substations etc.



We Can produce numerous standard & special order sizes, styles and specifications. Panels are manufactured from an all welded construction with components (frame, mesh, hardware) available in five standard finishes; Galvanized, Black, White, Brown or Green. Panel sizes range from 6′ wide x 6′ high to 24′ wide x 8′ high. Access gates can be easily fabricated into a Modular Fence Panel from a Single Swing Man Gate with Panic Exit Hardware and Security Shrouds to a 20′ wide Double Swing Vehicle Gate.



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Secure Portable Fence Panels Features
 * Flexibility and versatility portable fences * Designed to last
 * High galvanized and powder coated colors no rust run-off and anti-corrosion
 * Lightweight panels, easy to set up, move, and tear down
 * Strong, durable, high-quality temporary fence systems with fittings
 * 24/7 service available * Cost-effective option * Easy to pile up
 * Limit dog runs or keeping hazardous animals out of your garden * Promotes safety
 * Reduces the risk of theft * Improve traffic management in road works.


Temporary Fence Applications
 * Special events *  Construction sites * Outdoor meetings
 * Large-scale trade fairs *  Emergency restoration zones
 * For improving the security of an industrial property
 * Residential housing sites *  Parks & fairgrounds *Sports facilities
 *  Parking lots *  Yards and garden spaces * Landscapes
 * Special events, concerts, and gatherings * Restricted work areas
 * Special events *  Stampede Breakfasts *  Commercial Construction Sites
 *  Residential Construction Sites *  Road Repairs  *  Fire Damaged Buildings


 Temporary Fence Panel page