Can I do the vinyl fence install myself?

All of our vinyl fences come with written instructions that will soon be available here online. Any vinyl fence purchased from Derkson Fencing includes installation support. If you ever have any questions about installing your vinyl fence that you can’t...
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Do you cement the posts?

For maximum stability, we recommend that the posts be cemented. It is recommended that you treat vinyl posts the same as you would wood posts. If it is common and normal to cement fence posts in your area, then you should cement the vinyl posts.  

How big should the hole be if I’m cementing the posts?

A good rule of thumb is dig the hole twice the diameter of the post and fill cement within two inches of the top of the hole.  

How do I clean Vinyl Fence?

As with all exterior products, the fence will become dirty when exposed to the elements. A mild detergent and water should be sufficient to keep your fence or deck rail looking new. For tough stains, “soft scrub” or baking soda works well. Simple Green and steel wool also...
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How does Vinyl Fence hold up to weed eaters?

As with all PVC and wood products, direct contact with lawn and garden equipment can cause damage to the posts. Use caution when operating any type of equipment near fence posts, especially commercial trimmers, which are more aggressive.  

Will it mildew or collect mold?

Vinyl products will, when subjected to extended damp weather, collect mold and mildew. They are, however, easily cleaned with a solution of mild household detergent and water.  

Are Vinyl Fences graffiti proof?

Although not classified as graffiti proof, vinyl fencing is easy to clean and paint comes off with just a little effort. It may require the use of a pressure washer or in extreme cases the use of paint thinner. 400 grit sandpaper may be used when some spots will not come...
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Will the Vinyl Fence Break in Cold or Hot Weather?

As with most plastics, vinyl will become less flexible in colder weather conditions. However, unless subjected to unusual impact, it will not break. It is normal for vinyl fence materials to expand and contract during temperature changes. Our products have been engineered to...
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How Strong are Vinyl Fences?

Vinyl fencing from Derkson Fence has been impact modified with a chemical compound. The formulation has been tailored to meet or exceed the requirements necessary for the performance of the product.  

Can you make gates from the product?

Gates can be made from the same material you use in any vinyl fence or vinyl railing.  

Can I get custom Vinyl Fence styles made?

Virtually any fence style that can be made out of wood or ornamental iron can be made out of vinyl. The vinyl fence styles are only limited by your imagination. There is a wide variety of vinyl fencing styles available if you do not see what you want on our website. Please...
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How high can I make my Vinyl Fence?

It is recommended that any fence over 6′ tall have the posts reinforced. Always check with local building codes before having your vinyl fence installed.  

How long will my Vinyl Fence last?

Vinyl fences from Derkson are designed to last a lifetime. They are backed by a transferable, lifetime warranty.  

Can Vinyl Fence break?

Vinyl Fencing requires very little maintenance. Under normal conditions this maintenance is in the form of annual washing of the fence to keep it looking new. There is no staining or painting needed.  

How does Vinyl Fence stand up in the wind?

Most vinyl fences are designed to withstand normal wind load. The amount of load is dependent on the installation of the posts and horizontal rails. If installed according to Derkson PCV Vinyl Fence specifications, the fences are designed to stand up to normal wind loads.  

Does Vinyl Fence expand?

It is normal for vinyl fence materials to expand and contract during temperature changes. Your contractor will allow for expansion and contraction during the installation process.  

What is the warranty on Vinyl Fence?

All our vinyl products carry a limited lifetime warranty against peeling, flaking, blistering, corroding, rotting, rusting, termite consumption, abnormal discolouration or weathering.  

Will Vinyl Fence fade?

Under normal use, no. All our products are warranted against fading.  

Will Vinyl Fence crack, chip, peel or rot?

During the life of the fence you should not expect to find surface cracking, peeling, chipping or rotting.  

What is the cost of the product compared to wood?

The cost of the product is amazingly similar to wood product (e.g. #1 grade clear cedar or redwood with #1 grade, free of heart fence posts, and then add paint preparation including sanding and priming and painting). Also if you calculate the cost of future maintenance, then vinyl is...
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Can you use vinyl as a porch or guard railing?

When properly designed, vinyl porch railings make a very stable porch and deck rail system designed to be used at ground level and on balcony applications.  


Because there are no protruding sharp screws, nails, and splinters, injury is unlikely. Also the no-taste factor of PVC decreases the likelihood of horse chewing.  

What is the Vinyl made of?

The base ingredient is rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Homo polymer compound with a high level of Titanium Dioxide pigment for long term, ultraviolet (UV) light resistance and impact modifiers for superior strength. The formulation is similar to that of vinyl siding and windows which...
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Color Availability?

All the vinyl fences we supply are available in white and almond. Because titanium dioxide, a color loss and change inhibitor, is white in pigment, it is difficult to provide darker colors. Naturally, darker colors attract sun rays and heat, increasing the likelihood of warping,...
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Will Vinyl Burn?

PVC has a flash point of approximately 900 degrees and does not easily ignite. Vinyl fence is classified as “Self-Extinguishing”.   

Will the Vinyl Fence Yellow?

Be careful before you buy because some vinyl fences will yellow when exposed to extreme weather conditions. All Products Distributed by Derkson vinyl fencing contains titanium dioxide (TIO2) which prevents ultraviolet degradation. All Derkson Fence white vinyl fence...
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