Client Checklist

Client Upcoming Fence Install Checklist: 
1- Sign & Approve your quote
You will have received an email from us, or you can visit our website
you can log in to your client hub to stay up to date, make changes, requests, view quotes, invoices and more. 
A: Send us Photos of your yard & the install area showing us the install area. 
We would like a few pictures of your install area, so that we can have a clear understanding of the install
as well, prepare to bring any other materials we may need based on the project. 
       You can Send via txt: 306-525-2585 or Email:  
B: Include your Property report / Surveyor Certificate 
You will have received this when you purchased your home, the correct property locations are very important,
& we will not install any fence, until verified by you and your report
C: Include your property Drawing if not already done so. 
Please remember that we are basing the install on this drawing so
Please ensure we have your current plan so we bring the correct materials 
2- Send in your Agreed Deposit: 
A: you can send E-Transfer payments to:   
B: You can use Your Credit Card via the Secure Link on your Quote. 
You can also access this via your Client hub on our web site & You will Receive an instant recept for payment 
Or You can click on this Link or scan the QR to take you
to secure Card Payment processing Via our Website 

         LOCATES 1-866-828-4888

Their Website Details: Https:// 

A: Have them mark the entire property, this includes, if present any secondary lines -YES! these need to be marked; safety of our people & your family is very important, a hit line could cause serious injury or death 

** Instruct Sask 1st Call to email you the Report *** 

B: Understanding secondary lines: 

Sask 1ST Call will not mark these without approval, as there is a cost to having these marked.These lines will be ran from the Meter to outer areas such as shops, Garages, etc. or if the meter is on a garage and ran to the house from the garage for example, these are all secondary lines. 

C: You will Receive your Report from Sask1StCall this is your utility locates, you need to Email these to Us @  

3- Mark your Fence Installation Area: 

A:Use Flags / stakes/ paint /etc. to show the installer where to place the fence, start and stop areas, gate locations, and other as needed. Verify your property pin locations, mark any underground water lines, or other. 
** Derkson Contracting Ltd. will not take any responsibility for placement of fence & The installers will not start until verified by home owner ** 
B: We will do our best to not hit any underground sprinkler lines however there is always a chance this happens, after all we are going blind into the ground and you accept that we are not liable if we do hit a line.
Please mark your lines, so we know the area they are in, ** Derkson will not be liable for sprinkler lines, there are far too many variables to consider **