Hormann 450U Series
Hormann 450U Series
Hormann 450U Series

Hormann 450U Series

Commercial Overhead Garage Doors

Product Code: Hormann 450U Series

The 450U Commercial Door offers 2″ thick polyurethane insulated panels for an unrivaled insulation value of R-18.4. Manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry, all 450U doors come with proven tongue and groove section joints, and are designed with an energy efficient thermal break. Our 450U doors stand tall against the elements with galvanized finished painted steel for superior corrosion resistance and low maintenance.


Door Face: Microgroove Design
Section Heights: 21" and 24"
Section Joint: Tongue and Groove joint between sections with thermal break
20 gauge steel concealed backer plates, pre-painted 20 GA galvanized end caps
Finish: 4-Coat Process
Standard Color Options: White, Sandstone, Brown, Metallic Silver (optional) or custom Galaxy Paint
Bottom weather seal: U-shape loop type PVC with adjustable aluminum retainer
Warranty & Finishing Instructions450U Warranty
Metal Door Painting Instructions


8'-2", 9'-2", 10'-2", 12'-2", 14'-2", 16'-2" ,18'-2", 20'-2", 22'-2", 24'-2"


8'-1", 9'-1", 10'-1", 12'-1", 14'-1", 16'-1"


15" radius torsion hardware; track is 2" hemmed and bracket mounted. 3" track supplied when required by weight. Heavy duty steel rollers, non corrosive door fixtures and 14 gauge graduated hinges are standard. Double end hinges and long stem rollers are included on doors as required by width and weight. U-shaped galvanized struts are supplied as required by width and weight to keep the door rigid. All doors are standard with interior slide bolt lock.

Sizes indicate the approximate visible viewing area.
(A) ASA 24”Wx6”H Lite
(B) ASA 24”Wx12”H Lite

All windows are standard with insulated glass.


Precise Thermal Break
Increased thermal efficiency is achieved by our conduction resistant thermal break.

Reinforced Mounting Steel
Triple-reinforced steel fold extends across the entire section for
robust hardware mounting. An internal steel layer creates additional stability.

Insulated Tongue and Groove
Our joints are sealed with insulating foam and joint tape to reduce air flow heat loss.

Proprietary Urethane Blend
Perfected over generations, our precisely engineered polyurethane
outperforms its competitors in strength, energy efficiency, and density every time.

Proprietary Safety Brackets
Our reinforced safety bottom brackets and red safety screws create a double layer of built-in safety for the user.


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