Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Clearing

Skidsteer Snow Clearing, this service is for clearing snow from parking lots, driveways, & other sites as needed, this is for piling only,  Service Fee: $115/hr Min2/hr billing Mileage rates apply depending on location @ $3.50/Km    Other Services...
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Sanding & Ice Controll

Sanding & Ice Control $175/Hr. 

Truck Plow Service

Snow Plow Truck Service $95/Hr.  Minmum 2/Hr Call out  ** Save with a Monthly Contract **  Great for Ackerage Driveways, we will keep your lane clear  *** We Service within 100KMS Radious of Regina ***  ** Mileage applies ** 

Snow Hauling Truck Service

Tandem Truck Snow Hauling $175/Hr.  You Load us Only $175/Hr. Add our Skidsteer to load piles $125/Hr.  ** City of Regina Snow Dump Fee $25 Per Load Tandem Truck **  ** City of Regina Snow Dump Fee $15 Per Load 1 Ton & Trailer ** ** Combine our Trucking service with a Snow...
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