General Fence Service

General service for vinyl fence systems, Choose this service for service or repair where you are not sure exactly what you need. 


Basic Service Call Fee: $115.00 + $95/hr there after 




YES, we work with insurance companies, Get in touch today, lets do this. 



This service cost is billed: $115 Serivce Call + $95/hr time is billed from time we arive on site, providing us with advance understanding of your repair needs will help to reduce the total time billed. 


Should additional parts or labour time be needed: they will be billed at a standard industry rate, labour is billed at $95/Hr Flat Rate Service includes 1/Hr. Out of town service calls will be billed mileage at a Rate of $3.50/KM 


Shop Supplies: All service work orders are billed 10% of the labour total for supplies such as screws, glues, plugs, rivets, shop towel, etc that may be used in the repair.


<<<< Typical parts used & Costs for your Referance >>>>


Typical Panel Cost: Most common panels range from $25 to $32 Per Panel depending on brand/style/type/colour


Rail Typical cost: Most common rails Range $29 to $55 with the most common being in the $32 range again depends on sytle/type/colour 


Gate Sides: Most gate sides range from $29 to $45, with the most common sides being $32/Ea. colour adds 10%-20% 


Gate Hardware: Standard Gate hardware set $89.00 to $249.00 for lifetime warranty safetech system 


Post Cost: Most common posts run in the $60.00 Range, to $150 colour dependent, many vary depending on brand


Steel Pipe & Collars: Common 8FT pipe runs $32/ea. & collars are $5.00Ea. longer pipe or heavier wall adds more cost


Basic Service call cost billed above covers: Employee wages, Tooling & Equipment Costs, fuel, Company Time, Vehicle expence,


Labour warranty: we will provide you with one year warranty on the work preformed. ** parts are not included** 


Parts Warranty: Typical Vinyl fence parts that are professionaly installed carry a 5 Year warranty against defects. However certin parts like polyvinly latches carry a lifetime warranty against defects