National Vinyl Products

National Vinyl Products

Where is NVP product manufactured?

National Vinyl Products (NVP) is a family owned and operated vinyl fence and rail manufacturer based in Nephi, Utah. Launched from the success of the largest Utah vinyl fence company, which installed what is believed to be the first vinyl fence in Utah in 1993, NVP began manufacturing its own line of NVP® brand vinyl fence and rail in 2004. We proudly make all our materials in the USA. 

Doees NVP offer a warranty?

NVP fences are manufactured to withstand the elements and include an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty. Each completed and returned warranty is filed in our records and is fully transferable. your fence warranty online or click here to download a copy of the NVP Warranty registration card.
Does NVP Offer Colour Options? 
Yes, There are is a wide range of colours, Standard Colours, Timberland Series & Textured Timberland Series check our Colour Section for our full colour Line up 
Does NVP use recycled materials?

NVP is continually improving our operations to be as eco-friendly as possible. By investing in the latest technologies, NVP is more energy efficient, and we can reuse vinyl fence materials with no impact on fence durability or quality.

Will my NVP fence yellow, fade or experience damage due to extreme elements?

NVP uses a proprietary formulation of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and premium grade stabilizers and UV inhibitors, which prevent ultraviolet degradation and assure minimal weathering. We adhere to the strictest American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards in the USA, which means our products have excellent wind load ratings, superior durability and strong impact strength. Our fence styles can withstand typical climate conditions and will not rust, mildew, crack, flake, corrode, curl, or attract termites.
How do I care for my NVP fence?

Cleaning your NVP fence is a breeze! Just spray off dirt with a mixture of mild detergent and water! Difficult stains can be treated with cleaning agents advertised to work with PVC materials and by following the manufacturer's recommendations for these products.
DownLoad your Care Sheet here:

What is the difference between "woodgrain" and "textured series" options?

The NVP woodgrain in our Timberland Series has integral streaks of color that resemble the look of natural wood, offering the beautiful appearance of wood without all the upkeep! Our Textured Series adds another dimension, a wood-like texturing that you can both see and touch. 
About NVP: 
Launched from the success of the largest Utah vinyl fence company, which installed what is believed to be the first vinyl fence in the state in 1993, NVP began manufacturing its own line of NVP® brand vinyl fence and rail in 2004.

NVP knows vinyl fence. We've been in the shoes of the homeowner, installer, and material distributor. We understand your needs, and use our knowledge to manufacture a product that will meet and exceed your expectations.
Our lifetime warranty gives you long-term confidence and is transferable.
Your fence will not peel, rot, blister, rust, flake, corrode or abnormally change colors.
We utilize a proprietary blend of the highest grade of raw materials to create fences that exceed industry durability testing standards.
Once your new fence is installed, you never have to stain, paint, or worry about your fence rotting. Never again.
Using the latest technology, we are able to utilize recycled fence material. This ability enables us to lower our environmental footprint without sacrificing durability or quality.
We have been manufacturing vinyl in Utah since 2004, which means you get high performance materials backed by an American company.