Garage Door Rollers, Hinges, Track & Sensor Repair

Garage Door Rollers, Hinges, Track & Sensor Repair

Garage doors are stable and reliable structures that protect our valuable home. It often goes unnoticed unless it starts malfunctioning, It happens commonly among homes, but people are generally unfamiliar with the terminology and perform restorations. Problems with garage door rollers, hinges, and sensors are usually caused by insufficient upkeep.

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Despite taking measures to prevent and monitor the quality of garage doors, malfunctions can still occur.

Worn out components, broken sensors, and struggling garage doors cause many mishaps when operating garage doors and could eventually make it impossible to use.

Here are some common repairs and fixes that can be done when we service your door. 

Noisy garage door Rollers can be prone to be stuck and can slide off the door tracks. It’s meant to turn and spin on the side of the door with ease. It’s best to leave it in its current open or closed position when the rollers fall off the tracks to prevent cables and springs breaking. These parts can be replaced and have continuous lubrication done. 

Faulty hinges. Loose or worn out hinges can cause panels in the garage door to sink. Make sure to monitor all sides of the garage door where your hinges are located. We will Clean them as needed to keep the hinge, tracks, and rollers in optimal condition.

Replacement of these requires some skill, DOOR ARE UNDER EXTREME TENSION so be careful when handling garage door repairs. & Generaly best to contact Derkson Garage Doors.

Faulty garage doorThis can occur when the garage door opens but does not close. Sensors are usually the cause of this problem, especially with the lens. we will inspect/ clean and set or truble shoot the issue. If the sensors are still faulty, it might be time to replace them. 


Quality materials and Professional Service & repair is essential to ensure longevity and safety of garage doors.