Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Repair Regina & South Sask 

Garage door cables run from the bracket at the bottom of either side of your garage door to a notch in the cable drums on the garage door shaft. The cables, aided by the garage door torsion springs, help hoist your garage door open and closed. If you suspect your garage door cables are damaged, they usually present as a tilted door or the cables themselves off the drums. Please do not hesitate to give us a call for prompt garage door cable repair.


How Broken or Damaged Garage Door Cable Looks Like:
A broken garage door cable causes the door to appear uneven, sagging on one side with visible fraying of the cable. It can lead to warped, bent, or misaligned panels with gaps or cracks. The door may jam, stick, or move unevenly. A broken cable detracts from the door’s look and interferes with proper operation.



When Should I Change My Garage Door Cables?
At Derkson Garage Door Co., we believe that prevention is better than cure regarding garage door cables. Therefore, replacing your garage door cables at the first sign of damage, such as frayed or visibly bad condition, is our recommendation.

Additionally, if your bottom bracts and cable exhibit signs of rust, this is also a sign that your garage door cables need replacement.

A garage door cable in poor condition can snap, becoming a danger to you and your belongings. If your cable snaps, it can also cause extensive damage to the whole garage door system. All things considered, If your cables aren’t tensioned or fall off the drums, do not attempt to reposition them. Subsequently, this repair is potentially dangerous because the cables are under a lot of tension. Therefore, it should only be performed by a trained professional. We offer emergency garage door cable repair in Regina & Area.


Preventative Maintenance Is Key
In the case of garage door cables, replacing them is much easier (and cheaper) before the onset of the damage sets. For that reason, before they snap and cause damage to other parts of your garage door or to the personal belongings you stow in your garage, such as your vehicle, you should inspect and maintain your cables. In addition, periodical inspecting the cables and ensuring the moisture level in their surroundings remains low are critical steps to ensure superior cable life. 

When the door is opening and transferring to the horizontal tracks, the torque remaining in the springs allows the overhead door to stay in an open position.
‚ÄčThe high tension in the torsion spring system is what gives us the ability to lift and lower our door. As such, you will harshly feel any damage to this system.