Colour Vinyl Fence Collection 2023

Derkson Fencing is a Saskatchewan premier installer of colour privacy vinyl fencing. We will install anywhere in Saskatchewan & ship products Canada wide.

We have your colour, Period! 

We ship Canada wide, GET FENCED! 

Is there a difference in vinyl fence quality? When it comes to vinyl fencing, there are vast differences in quality among the products on the market. Several factors determine the strength and quality of vinyl extrusions, how they Colour their products & process is everything. Remember Quality costs more because there is more research, time, investment in testing the final product. Talk with us today and read our blogs, we have partnered with the best extrusion companies & Vendors in the industry. Quality costs more - your fence will last 50 Years. 


Your price tag isn’t $10,000. It’s $109 / month.


Colour Vinyl Fencing:Seriously there has never been a better time than now to consider Preminum Vinyl Colour fencing. We have dealer agreements with the top Manufacturers in North America. Get fenced today. 

Over 25 Colours to Choose or have the opportunity to consider 

Got DIY on the mind? We understand, we built a no hassle QUICK SHIP program for the most common colour fence, click on the images to visit our web store, click & order that simple

<<< Black & Coastal Cedar have become very popular >>>

GET OFF THE FENCE!You got this - ordering is simple 

What colour fence is best? We see a fence as a backyard's canvas, so we usually recommend simple colours. Light ones: whites and light greys or the dark palette: dark browns, charcoals and black.


Colour Vinyl Privacy Fence Cost: This is a break down of how we sell vinyl vinyl fence with installation, (with the exception of Black, & Special order colours), fence material & labour is sold by the linear foot. A typical 6-foot vinyl privacy fence package will require 2 or more additional posts, this is because we need to add posts where we add gates, end runs, or have small sections or other as needed, typical yards have 1 or more gates on average & sometimes larger auto or trailer gates. The final price you pay is calculated by the length of the fence in linear feet + additional posts + Gates + labour + any other accessories you may add + Taxes + fees. 


Colour Vinyl fence labour costs: These costs vary as no two yards are the same & install factors come to play, you can read more about this in our blog. These labor costs include material preparation, professional installation, tooling, manpower, cleanup, and a labour warranty for a standard install with no obstructions. Other factors are mileage, speciality equipment, additional manpower, preparation of install area, fence removal, clearing of trees, shrubs, installing on concrete, use of concrete to set posts, all determined if necessary when booking your job.

PVC Vinyl fence building products have numerous energy and environmental benefits. Since the late 1980s, more than 20 life-cycle evaluations have been completed on Vinyl & PVC building products, many of them comparing those products to similar products made of other materials. Vinyl & PVC products were found to perform favorably in terms of energy efficiency, thermal-insulating value and low contribution to greenhouse gases and product durability, which means using fewer resources, making vinyl a green product.


Dark Walnut: is a Preminum Colour & assured quality being from NVP. this is a very sought after dark tone vinyl fence wood grain product made from the finest quality materials backed by decades of experience in high UV and wind environments. Dark Walnut utilizes special acrylic coatings to prevent discoloration that occurs in other dark vinyl products. This product is the top of the line in wood grain technology and will make sure you enjoy your investment for as long as you own your home.


Will A Derkson fence product enhance my property value? A beautiful fence around your property enhances its value in many ways. It may provide privacy to your backyard or prevent uninvited guests to your swimming pool. You may simply desire a backdrop for your most beautiful flower gardens. Derkson Fencing gets all of those tasks done with flair. If you decide to sell your residence, your Derkson Fence Products are ready to show, because it looks new all of the time.


What kind of maintenance does my PVC fencing require?  All Derkson vinyl fencing products come from manufacturers that are free from traditional maintenance. They are impervious to deterioration from moisture, temperature extremes, ultraviolet exposure and the wear and tear from time itself. You’ll never have to scrape or paint your fence again, unlike any wood, metal or imitation polyvinyl fence. From the day your preminum Vinyl fence is installed, all traditional fence maintenance halts.


How do you pick a vinyl fence colour? Take into account your home colour and style. Finally, make sure your fence colour jives with your home's style. If your home has tan trim, a beige fence might look the best. For bright white wood and door frames, drawing the white into the vinyl fencing is a picture-perfect choice.


Let's Talk Black Vinyl Fence: It's Strong & Reliable Our black vinyl fences are manufactured with proprietary high-temperature performance formula. Our Vendor developed all of our black vinyl fencing products to keep their beauty and strength for years.

A Black PROPRIETARY FORMULA FOR DURABILITY: Our fencing products are the first black vinyl fence and black vinyl railing system that successfully pass rigorous testing for high-temperature performance. Previous dark-colored plastic and vinyl fence materials have not had the advantage of our unique, high-temperature thermoplastic formulations which eliminate the sag and distortion tendencies often found in other dark-colored plastic fencing products. 


Additionally, our vendors knowledge base relating to the color stability of black thermoplastic material has allowed us to formulate a black fencing and railing product without fading or chalking issues. The secret is using the right colorant in the right amounts, along with UV inhibitors – making fading and chalking a non-issue. The combination of heat and color stability makes our fencing products a unique performer in the world of dark-colored vinyl fencing materials.


Yes financing is very popular for fencing, and our options are flexible, low payments, deferral periods, no penalty payouts, only pay the interest for the time your financed, it's a no brainer, KEEP YOUR CASH, financeit and pay it off at anytime worry free.

Your price tag isn’t $10,000. It’s $109 / month.
Colour vinyl fence has an amazing lifetime with 40 to 50 year life span, Premium vendors offer warranties from 10 to 45 Years, You cannot go wrong, premium vinyl fencing requires low to no maintenance, wash off as needed. It's that simple, our line up has 5 standard colours and 20 premium colours
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