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Classic white vinyl fence is the most sought after fence & for good reason.Learn & understand how to order or book a quote & your install today! 


Vinyl Privacy Fence Cost:This is a break down of how we sell vinyl vinyl fence with installation. Fence material & labour is sold by the linear foot. A 6-foot vinyl privacy fence package will require 2 or more additional posts. This is because we need to add posts where we add gates, end runs or have small sections or other as needed. Typical yards have 1 or more gates on average & sometimes larger auto or trailer gates.  The final price you pay is calculated by the length of the fence in linear feet + additional posts + Gates + labour + any other accessories you may add + Taxes + fees.

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Vinyl fence labour costs. These costs vary as no two yards are the same & install factors come into play. You can read more about this in our blog. These labor costs include material preparation, professional installation, tooling, manpower, cleanup, and a labour warranty for a standard install with no obstructions. Other factors are mileage, speciality equipment, additional manpower, preparation of install area, fence removal, clearing of trees, shrubs, installing on concrete, or other surfaces, all deterimned if necessary when booking your job. 

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Yes! Financing is very Popular for Fencing. Our options are flexible, low payments, deferral periods, no penalty payouts, only pay the interest for the time you're financed. It's a no brainer. KEEP YOUR CASH- financeit and pay it off at anytime worry free. 

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Let's talk about fence removal: If you need to remove an old fence first, expect to add $4.00 to $6.00 per linear foot to your final price plus hauling costs to & for landfill. Average bins cost $200 to $300 per run including city fees. 

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Let's Talk about Vinyl Gates & Cost The typical vinyl fence gate will cost about $400 to $1200 installed. Not every fence installation will have gates, but it does complete the look and is a valuable addition. Below is a chart which details different sizes and options for the most common gates in a 6 Foot tall White Vinyl Fence. Other additional items such as coloured hardware, nylon hardware, locking latches, steel frames, lighting options, soft close options, power openers & closers are all options (at additional cost) that Derkson Fencing sales rep can discuss with you. 


Benefits Of Vinyl Fencing Vinyl Fencing will last the duration of your lifetime and the manufacturer’s warranty will cover it if it doesn’t. Vinyl Fence products can initially be more expensive than other materials, but there really is no comparison as to maintenance and replacement cost. If installing vinyl is truly a one-time deal, you’re going to spend a lot more money on other products throughout your lifetime than what you initially invest in your fence.


Durability – Pricing changes with Quality, facts are facts. Good vinyl costs more to produce, and in the case of cheap vinyl, it may not last as long as expected.  In vinyl fence quality, the thickness is often touted by vendors as the measure to determine fence strength, but the materials used are more important factors for strength and durability. 

Vinyl Quality – An important point to clarify with the installer is about the ingredients in the fence’s vinyl. Derkson Fencing always uses Virgin vinyl in our white fenceing & is always going to yield a stronger product than PVC constructed from recycled scraps called co extrusion and in certain places has some advantages but not in White Vinyl Fence. 


Longevity – The addition of UV inhibitors to protect from the damaging effects of daily exposure to the sun—causing the vinyl to become brittle or cracked—and stabilizers for the prevention of melting or sagging, should be in the product list of ingredients to ensure a long life.

A good ratio of a UV blocker like titanium dioxide is ten parts TiO2 to 100 lbs of resin, and while lower-quality brands might list that they have it as an ingredient, it is essential to know the ratio to determine the quality of the product from a longevity perspective. 

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Cost Of Ownership Most people think to have a beautiful fenced yard is impossible, too expensive. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Vinyl fencing will save you money, not to mention time, and will look amazing for years to come. When considering a fence ask yourself what you want and need the fence to do and for how long.

Resale Value At some point you may want to sell your house, and one of the first things a buyer will notice about a property is a fence. If buyers see a run-down fence, they will most likely take the cost of a new one out of the price of the house, not to mention it will take longer to sell, costing you time and money.

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Why Trust us & Book with us now for 2023 your Install All Of Our Vinyl Fences are standard with the Leading Compounds in the Extrusion Industry, to ensure your Fence Stands the test of time, All Industry leading vinyl fence Products are loaded with impact modifiers, TIO2 enhibitors, UV Chemicals to stop yellowing and deterioration from the Sun, Processed using Both Mono Extrusion & Co Extrusion Processes in all materials to be more durable in tough Canadian conditions. 

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