Labour Rates


Labour & Equipment Rates 2021

General Labour Rate is $95.00/Hr. Flat Rate 

Small Job Fee:

Small Job Fee applies to any job under 40FT Flat $299.00/per job

**This fee covers the Installer Time & Mobilization to project Site** 

Intown only * out of town mileage rates & truck fees apply**

Production Fee: 

Production Fee $99.95

* billed Per Yard no Exceptions * 

Fabrication Costs: 

Fabrication Fee Flat $145.00

+ 95/hr Labour Flat Rate

+ Shop Supplies $59.95 Flat Fee 

Drill & or Hand Dig Holes:

* Machinery Costs may also apply at $95/Hr.  *

Around utilities & Other Obstructions & Set Concrete Only $39.95/Each hole

** Concrete Cost is $19.95 Each hole ** 

Fence Removal: 

$3.50/FT of Fence Removed Labour Only

$195.00 Per Bin or Trailer Load Fee Per Unit To Haul it away 

**Mileage costs may apply location-dependent**

City Disposal Costs for LandFill are approx $95 to $195

*Load Dependant/Per Load*

Slope, Stepping & Walk-Out Sections: 

Labour Cost $4/FT of the work area

 $4/FT For Material With a flat Min of $99 Material Cost. 

Cost is for Longer profiles for Walk Outs / Stepping / Slopes or Height Changes Etc 

Pipe/Tube Upgrades: 

* Equipment charges will apply for Transportation of Materials *

UpGrade to 10FT Pipe Installed @ $3.50/FT With a Flat Min of $25.00 if single section 

UpGrade to 12FT Pipe Installed $4.50/Foot With a Min of $42.00 if single section

Upgrade any of the above to SEC40 add cost 40% to the above cost 

Upgrade to 4x4 Steel Hinge Post Insert $299.00 + Drill & Concrete costs 

Upgrade to 5x5 Aluminum Hinge Post Kit $139.95 + Drill & Concrete Costs 

Rail Inserts Aluminum $18.00 Each Steel

Tube Inserts $30 Each

Galv C-channel Inserts $18 Each 

Mileage/Truck & Equipment Charges: 

* Labour Rates will also apply *

Mileage is billed at $3.25/Km. Industry-standard

+ $99 Per Truck or Trailer Base Charge 

In-Town Deliveries are $99.00/Hr Flat Rate

+ $99 Truck or Trailer Base Charge

Equipment List:

* Labour Rates will also apply * 

SkidSteer Unit $95/Hr with a 2 Hr Min.

Mini Skidsteer $95/Hr With a 2 HR Min.

Drills / Augers / Concrete Mixers / Attachments $170/day 

Tele-handler/Scissor Lift/Other $200/Hr 2Hr. Min + Labour Charges + Mileage 

Trailers $99 Load Fee + Mileage 

Heavy Haul Trailer $375 Load Fee + Mileage

Trucks $99 Load Fee + Mileage 

Hydrovac Min Cost $325/HR + Mud Fee + Dump Fee+ Mileage out of Town + General Labour Rates 

** Rates are billed from Time Unit Leaves Shop to Time it Returns **

Site Equipment:

* Labour Rates will also apply *

Power Wheelbarrow/Jack Hammers/Concrete Saws/Coring Tools/Chain Saws/Coring Bits/Wood Chipper/Stump Grinders/Other

Tooling Cost Flat Fee of $15 to $75 Per Item/ Some Item costs vary based on Item value

Other Charges: 

* Labour Rates will also apply *

Concrete Cost Per Hole $19.95/Ea *Standard Hole* 

4 Foot Tall Flange Post & Bolts Supplied $36.95 Each

4 Foot Tall Flange Post & Bolts Installed $46.95 Ea. ** if currently on Site ** 

Concrete Truck Min Cost $375 + Mileage + Labour Costs Of $95/Hr Flat Rate + Associated Equipment Costs