ESPV-60 Vinyl Fence Warranty

Derkson Fencing ESPV 60 -2021

Provided with New Vinyl Fence Sales Effective March 2021

Vinyl Fencing Labour Warranty with New Fence Purchase Valued at $399.95
5 Year Labour Coverage in addition to Manufacture Material Warranty as per the Guidelines in their Written Warranty which is listed on our Website for convenience. Each Vendor has its Warranty Coverage & limitations. Your Material Brand will be listed on your Invoice.

What ESPV60 Vinyl Labour Warranty Covers:

Anything that is a result of installation error. Derkson Fencing will Free of charge visit your Property up to a Max of 2 Times per Season over the next 5 Years from the Date of Purchase. We will Do adjustments to Gates and Fence Line Service as needed, within reason. If you have made modifications to your fence, or the area in proximity to your fence, additional labor costs may apply for the time required to complete the Service.

**For acts of Mother Nature, not resulting from installation error**

Including & Not Limited to Reasonable Ground Heaving, Settling, Wind Damage, Customer damage, Drainage issues, Snow load, unstable soil & Ground Conditions, or decline of upgraded Items recommended by the installer resulting in damage. Derkson Fencing will evaluate the issue in person and decide on a course of action.

All items covered under the warranty period will be replaced free of charge, if the repair is not deemed warranty Derkson Fencing will bill for any parts used at a discounted Rate, to correct the issue & cover the labor costs 100% for the period of the warranty, providing the Issue is reasonable. Individual variations may be approved or declined depending on circumstance. With the respect and understanding that if the issue is an acceptable insurance claim, you the client are to put the Insurance claim in place.

Understanding of Vinyl ESPV60:

Derkson Fencing is dedicated to Customer service & will service your Fence & Gates for years to come, under reasonable conditions. As the client, you accept that certain situations are simply not warranty Issues or will require Insurance Claims. Derkson Fencing has the right to refuse any service that is not within reasonable parameters. Warranty is Simple - if it’s Fair we will Cover it, if it’s not Fair we will Fix it at a very Fair price well below market value, as you are a dedicated client & Derkson Fencing wants to look after you it’s that simple.

Service Requests are to be booked using the online form on our website and will be scheduled for Service.

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