Why Derkson Vinyl Fence

Why Buy DERKSON™ Fencing & Railing Co. Products?

The Advantage of Buying Vinyl Fencing & Railing from Derkson™ Compared to Other Websites or Vendors

In today’s market place, there are many fence companies that sell vinyl fencing over the internet or out of the back of a truck.  They don’t have the Experience or Expertise to back up the sale yet alone warranty your product for the so-called life time warranty they are claiming to be offering, to you the end user.

This in many cases, results in you the end user to start a painful process to find someone to assist on a repair, addition or simply just do some adjustments, to find the company is no longer in business, won’t answer their phone and the list goes on.

Many times, these are individuals who have created companies and websites that sell fencing and they never see or touch the product. They simply mark up the product and sell it to you.  Many of these companies in your local market also buy from various companies or vendors that will sell to them and often the material is different from month to month creating no consistency and reliable history with products to build their business on.

The following illustrations will highlight how Derkson Fencing & Railing Co.  handles your online purchase process, how your local residential or commercial project process is handled from start to finish.






The first and main reason is we have been in business since 1996, the times have changed, but Many of these companies still act the same as when we first started. Many of these websites or installers don’t even publish their address for their place of business, it’s for good reason as 90% of the time these are personal homes they operate from, if you are lucky to get an address and if you were to look up the address on Google Earth or other mapping software.  You will see my point.

Do you really want to do business with a company that can’t even invest in their own company? What is this saying for the company? this only proves that they are not in the business for the long haul. Do you really want to chance one of the largest investments you will ever make to a person that will not invest in there one company, it’s a question you should be asking yourself?

These individuals typically will just mark up the product and re-sale the fencing to you and you may or may not pay more than had you purchased from a reputable fence company direct. The danger is not so much that you will pay more, it is that these companies tend to purchase products from whomever or wherever they can to stay competitive against other legitimate companies. These individuals have very little invested in the company and simply disappear over time. They are not around when you need replacement parts or if you have a warranty issue.

At Derkson Fencing & Railing Co., we publish our address so you see and know exactly who you are buying from. We have been in the construction business for over a decade and we will be around when you need help again down the road. You can purchase with confidence when you buy from us, we are fence & Railing experts in our industry, we know and understand your fencing & Railing needs.

Stop in at one of our locations today, we will be happy to provide you with any information you need, or simply just stop in for a coffee and enjoy the day.